Your personal stories …

… the workshop is now over – thanks a lot for your participation!

Now, we would like to ask all participants for a personal story. It would be great, if you find some time to do it, just comment on this post.

The reason for our request on  “personal stories” is not only that we want tor read “more” as short comments like “nice workshop”. Telling stories and reading the stories of other participants is also to be seen as a form of reflection.

Additionally,  you can write down questions, how Albert suggested.

Above this didactical design, we are very curious, too!

Thanks to all of you!

Sandra & Wolf


Today: Decision about the best didactical concept

[MONSTERACADEMY NEWS] This evening, the director will decide about the didactical concept to be implemented in the new BA program “Scaring and Frightening”. For this, three experts of the MONSTER ACADEMY were asked to prepare a presentation about their preferred ldidactical concept. We just get a snapshot of the group – the new director and the three experts, together with two staff members of the MONSTER ACADEMY Campus TV and News team.


Background: Thanks to archiemcphee @ flickR!

News: Decision About New BA Program Needed


[MONSTER ACADEMY CAMPUS NEWS] During the last  months the different educational experts from the MONSTER ACADEMY discuss the pedagogical concept of the new BA program “Scaring and Frightening”.After the former director’s dead the new director, Prof. BugEye, asked three experts of innovative, but also theoretically funded and empirically validated learning concepts, to prepare a short presentation.

The three experts were asked to prepare a presentation of their learning concepts, together with their teams, focusing the following issues:

  • Theoretical Background
  • Description of a typical day or week of a student
  • Description of a typical assessment of students
  • Estimate costs and efforts to introduce it

The new BA program is planned to have 30 monster students in every semester and 10 staff monsters.

Here is the template for all presentations:

View this document on Scribd

New Director announced

[MONSTER ACADEMY NEWS] The board of the MONSTER ACADEMY just announced the new director: The former Vize Director Mr. Snook BugEye is now the the boss of 92 professors, 212 scientiests and approx. 1.200 students in the MONSTER ACADEMY. One of his first tasks will be to make a decision about the pedagogical concept of the new BA programm “Scaring and Frightening”


News: Director is dead!


Thanks to Nickstone333 @ FlickR for one picture:

New Resources in the Library

The head of the Library is happy to announce new resources, which are now available within the MonsterAcademy’s virtual library:

The Monsters


Director Snook BugEye



I´m the new director of the MonsterAcademy, Mr. Snook BugEye, and I hope, that I don´t meet the same fate as my forerunner. In this hard and headless time, I´ll try to bring stability to the academy. With your help, we will succeed in bringing up the academy again. My first task will be to decide about the pedagogical concept of our new BA program “Scaring and Frightening”.


Prof. Amber BeadyEyes, Leader of the Working Group “Problem Based Learning”


I´m Amber BeadyEyes. Since my time at the academy as a student, I am fascinated by a teaching learning approach called “problem based learning” (PBL)… I had done a huge amount of publications and research in this field, for example I was a visiting professor at the Maastricht University in a human place called the Netherlands. It was really cool there: The core idea of the whole university builds on problem based learning. Nevertheless, I felt a little lonesome without my monster colleagues. So, I came back to the monsters’ academy. Now I am the senior of a working group about PBL.


PhD Polly Stripes, Young Researcher Award of the Century, Leader of the new Working Group “Cognitive Apprenticeship”


Boo! I’ am Mrs. Polly Stripes. I am one of the most brilliant young researchers at the monsters’ academy. I am not only clever, smart and intelligent, but also a enthusiastic supporter of cognitive apprenticeship. According to my psychological research, this is one of the most effective ways to learn. To be honest: I am quite sure that this IS the most effective way to teach.


Prof. Booze GreenDot, Working Group “Inquiry Based Learning”



Why you are interested in my personal and professional background? Are you dreaming of being an excellent teacher? Do this question force you to re-think yourself?… 40 years ago, I was very impressed by an old Greek philospher and his way to teach students: He asked questions. Since 36 years I concentrated all my research and interest in “inquiry based learning” with his various forms. Do you know any better way to learn than to get and answer tricky or challenging questions?



Reporter Roddy Rube


Hi, I´m Roddy Rube and I´m the MC of ‘MONSTER ACADEMY – Campus TV’. Without my knowledge, nothing is going on here, so be nice and watch out! Mainly, I´m doing the CampusTV moderation, but you might find me elsewhere on the web. Stay tuned and enjoy our show! (super green). CU, Roddy!


Chief Editor Dagger Greenwool


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dagger Greenwool and I am the chief editor of the Campus TV and News of the MONSTER ACADEMY. We provide you with background stories, opinion, events, reports and interviews concerning all the news of and about the MONSTER ACADEMY.